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Smart Thermostats: Controlling Your Home's Climate Remotely

Woman using smart thermostat on wall and on phone.


Every homeowner wants to maintain a comfortable temperature inside their home. They want it to be cool during the hot summer months and cozy warm in the colder winter. In order to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature, many find themselves fiddling with their traditional thermostat to adjust the temperature. 


But what if there was an easier option? In fact, there is: a smart thermostat


In this blog, we will talk about exactly what smart thermostats are and the common features they contain. We will also uncover the major benefits that installing a smart thermostat can provide, and will also discuss the steps and advice on having one installed. 


Do not hesitate to contact for any of your HVAC needs, including installing a smart thermostat in your home. Our experienced team of HVAC technicians is one phone call or email away, so don’t be afraid to reach out



What is a Smart Thermostat? 

A smart thermostat is a type of thermostat homeowners can control through their cell phone, tablet computer, smart speaker device, or another device connected to the internet. Smart thermostats often look quite sleek with their modern design – something many individuals appreciate when compared to the clunky design of the older, more traditional thermostats. 



Common Smart Thermostat Features 

Smart thermostats also come with quite a few features. The most common smart thermostat features include: 


  • automatic temperature scheduling, 
  • geofencing, 
  • learning temperature preferences, 
  • remote connection, 
  • low-power mode, 
  • trackable data, and 
  • software updates. 


These features contribute to the many benefits homeowners can receive upon installing a smart thermostat. 



Benefits of Smart Thermostats 

Installing a smart thermostat in your home when you need to replace your old thermostat can make a big difference than if you simply chose to replace with another traditional thermostat. Smart thermostats can even offer an upgrade to programmable ones


Here are the details surrounding the most common benefits of smart thermostats: 


Increased Energy Savings 

Smart thermostats will only tell your HVAC system to heat or cool your home as much as is necessary. This means that if the desired temperature matches the regular temperature in your home, your HVAC system won’t turn on to adjust it. It will only do so if the temperature rises too much or drops significantly. As such, you can enjoy increased energy savings thanks to your smart thermostat understanding when the HVAC system doesn’t need to be running


Some of the common features of smart thermostats can help with this. Geofencing, for instance, turns on your HVAC system when your thermostat knows you are on your way home. This allows your home to reach your desired temperature just before you arrive, even if your temperature was set higher or lower than necessary when you were away. 


Easily Trackable Energy Usage 

Smart thermostats and the apps that accompany them on devices like mobile phones and tablet computers allow you access to your energy usage data. This means you will know when your thermostat tells your HVAC system to turn on and start working.  


Tracking energy use data easily can help you make more informed decisions about the schedule you set for your home temperature. It can also show you if there is a problem with your HVAC system sooner – since you can tell if your system is overactive with a mere glimpse at the tracked energy data. 


Adjustable Settings on a Schedule 

All smart thermostats are programmable, but not all programmable thermostats are smart. This means that you can adjust your thermostat settings on a schedule when you have both types – meaning, you can ask your thermostat to turn on the air conditioning shortly before you arrive home from work every day in the summer.  



In addition, though, a smart thermostat can learn what your preferences are from this kind of schedule, plus when you tend to manually change the temperature in your home. As it learns, a smart thermostat can implement automatic temperature shifts based on what it knows you like.


Some of the factors it learns are: 


  • the temperature you have programmed, 
  • the current temperature outside, 
  • when you’re normally away from home and when you are there, and 
  • the average time it takes to heat or cool your home. 


Lower Utility Bills 

As a result of the energy savings, the ability to track energy usage easily, and significant scheduling abilities that smart thermostats provide, they can also help lower the average utility bill. Thus, homeowners will be paying less than they would with other thermostats and HVAC systems with the increased efficiency and intuitiveness. There is no need to be paying to cool your home in the summer all day, every day if you are not home during the week. 


Remote Adjustable Settings  

Of course, the benefit people hear about the most when it comes to installing a smart thermostat is the fact they will now have the ability to adjust its settings remotely. This means they can change the temperature with their cell phone when they are sitting at their desk at work. They can even do so from the comfort of their couch if they don’t want to get up to walk to the thermostat itself. This is incredibly convenient for many individuals and a great reason to install a smart thermostat. 


System Notifications 

Smart thermostats often offer the ability for homeowners to receive system notifications on their cell phone or tablet. Some of the common notifications they can provide include: 


  • trends in temperature, 
  • system failure, 
  • when it is time to change the air filter
  • need for maintenance, and 
  • power outages. 


These notifications allow homeowners to make informed decisions about their thermostat and overall HVAC system operations on a timelier basis. 


Device Compatibility 

Enough cannot be said about the ability for a smart thermostat to connect to other devices. In addition to connecting to smart phones and tablet computers, smart thermostats are also compatible with most virtual assistants. This includes Siri, Google, and Alexa. Thus, homeowners can control the temperature in their home with only their voice when they have both a smart thermostat and a virtual assistant. It is one step into the transition to a smart home



Installing a Smart Thermostat 

When you are thinking about upgrading to a smart thermostat for your home, there are some things to consider and be aware of regarding installation. 


Here are the pieces of key information everyone should know when installing a thermostat: 


Leverage Customization Options 

When choosing what smart thermostat to install in your home, be sure to pay attention to the array of customization options available with each model. For instance, if you are often in and out of your home for work, travel, and regular errands, a smart thermostat with the geofencing ability can be incredibly beneficial.  


When it learns your habits, you won’t need to manually adjust your thermostat when you arrive home or leave nearly as often as you have with a traditional thermostat. 


Consider Security Features 

Since your smart thermostat is connected to the internet, this is how you are able to adjust your temperature settings remotely, you need to consider security features. This will, of course, mean no one can adjust your thermostat settings without your knowledge. It will also help protect your internet connection and the rest of your devices, as well as the personal information they contain. 



The affordability of smart thermostats is a common question. While certain models can be more expensive than purchasing a traditional thermostat or some programmable ones, there are benefits when it comes to the cost.  


Remember, since smart thermostats are incredibly efficient and tend to use far less energy thanks to the features they have, you are likely to experience lower utility bills over time. This means that over the long term, you can actually spend less money with a smart thermostat. 


User-Friendly Experience 

Some homeowners may feel daunted at the prospect of upgrading to a type of thermostat they are not familiar with. After all, technology can be frustrating to learn for some. However, this does not need to be a concern with smart thermostats. In fact, they provide an incredibly user-friendly experience. The interface on most models is quite intuitive to use.  


In addition, the app on smart phones and tablets is also quite easy to use and presents data in a way that is simple to understand. Finally, there is perhaps nothing easier than saying “Siri, please turn the temperature down by 3 degrees” and not having to touch a single thing. 



Call an HVAC Professional 

Calling an HVAC professional should always be part of the process of upgrading to a smart thermostat in your home. Licensed HVAC technicians can help evaluate your current system, as well as what other smart devices you have in your home, discuss your current thermostat usage habits, and assist in the selection of the most appropriate smart thermostat for your needs. 


Do not hesitate to contact for any of your HVAC needs, including installing a smart thermostat in your home. Our experienced team of HVAC technicians is one phone call or email away, so don’t be afraid to reach out




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